Melk Thalmann
Melk saw the light of day in 1967. Drawing has always been at the centre of his being, ever since he finally managed to hold a pencil in his hands. For Melk, expressing himself through drawing has always been synonymous with storytelling.

Yin & Yan
Getting to the heart of a story in terms of content and emotion with a single key image is the real art of illustration.

In comic, on the other hand, the focus is on the course of a scene in a sequence of images. In the best case, this creates «head cinema» - sequential art.

Even though illustration and comics are polar opposites in their nature, in the Melk universe they are nevertheless related dual forces that do not fight but complement each other.

Analog & Digital

While the work of an illustrator was almost completely analogue almost 30 years ago (well, at some point there was Fax...), the computer became more and more important, as in all other professions. Digital image processing and the fast and uncomplicated transmission of data changed the game drastically.

Nevertheless, Melk still draws with ink and brush on paper. Sometimes he also carries out the colouring directly in a painterly manner. Mostly, however, the further processing of his pictures takes place digitally.

Fascinated by the digital possibilities, Melk has been intensively involved in the 3D field for about half of his professional life. 3D-Sparte auseinandergesetzt.

Yin & Yang (reloaded)
Melk also sees «the analogue drawing» and «the computer-generated image» not as competition but as complementary «forces» that open up new possibilities of expression - for example in animation. Animation – eröffnen.

Publication "Gatti" as part of Fumetto at the Historical Museum Lucerne

Mural, art on building, for architect Lämmli, Aarau

Exhibition at Houdini, Lucerne

Gallery 5f, Lucerne
Ausstellung Illustrationen

Studio stay on Elba, Casa Zia Lina /
Exhibition „Aquarellba“

Studio stay in Paris, Cité des arts

"Space Sleep Syndrome", web comic, monthly continuation

Contribution to the exhibition "Ten years of exchange Lucerne-Chicago"

Contribution to the exhibition "Fireboxes" at BD Festival International Lausanne

Illustrations for the marathon reading "Odyssee", a project in the context of the event series Transit09 of the AKS

All-round illustrations for 100-metre-long S-Bahn train for the Zurich Transport Authority (ZVV)

Collaboration on the computer animated project "Stella Nova" of the Planetarium of the Swiss Museum of Transport

Since 2005
Intensive work with digital 3d design

Art recognition award of the city of Lucerne

Contribution for applied art of the city and canton of Lucerne

Studio stay in Chicago, U.S.A.

Comic course for prospective drawing teachers at the School of Design, Berne

1991 until today
Freelance comic artist and illustrator for press, advertising and publishing houses

Graphics class at the School of Design, Lucerne